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  • Why therapy? What can I expect?
    Therapy consists of a relationship between the client and therapist whereby client-presented issues are teased out and goals established within a safe, judgment-free and nurturing environment. This relationship can feel like one you may experience with a friend, mentor, or other healer, but is different in that the focus is always on you and your autonomy. Working with a therapist who is trained professionally in psychology and governed by the ethics of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) practice, will support your personal growth and strengthen your interpersonal relationships inside and outside of the therapy room. As with many treatment options, there are certain risks involved and alternatives to psychotherapy available. We will discuss these further at our first appointment as is required for consent to treatment.
  • What's the Cost?
    My rate is $240 for Individuals and $260 for Couples. Families. and Group or Cofounder therapy begins at $275 depending on the number of participants. I have some slots available for clients with financial need. Please email me to discuss your options.
  • How often will we meet?
    I would like to start by seeing you once per week at the same time for 50 minutes each session. This regularity and frequency is important in establishing a secure base for our work together, especially in the first 3 months. Depending on the circumstances and current happenings in your life, we may increase the frequency of our meetings as mutually agreed upon. As we progress and your treatment goals are met, we may decrease the frequency of our meetings to every other week or even to a drop-in basis for periodic "tune-ups."
  • Is what we talk about Confidential?
    Everything you share in therapy is protected by laws regarding confidentiality. However, there are a few cases when the law requires that I break confidentiality until yours or others' safety is assured: if you are a danger to yourself, a danger to others, or if there is reasonable suspicion that an elder or child is being abused.
  • Can you do remote video appointments?
    Absolutely, as long as you are physcially within the state of California.
  • What is the Cancellation Policy?
    My cancellation policy is 2 business days, meaning that cancellations given with less notice will be charged the standard fee of session.
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