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Hi, I'm Jen. Welcome.

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in San Francisco. Most people who come to see me are struggling to resolve issues on their own and need some outside help from someone they can trust. In psychotherapy you will discover and implement new ways of being and seeing.

Seeking therapy is one of the most important and socially responsible things you can do. This decision shows that you value your life, your relationships, and that you may be at a pivotal point for positive change. Psychotherapy can provide profound insights behind established behaviors and thought processes. We honor the reasons these patterns were originally constructed, and gently make way for new ways of experiencing to develop, allowing for greater ease and flow in your life. 

Witnessing my clients grow more authentically into themselves and new life situations with an increased sense of purpose and self-trust is my life's work and reward. While the Person-centered approach is the theoretical foundation of my practice, my training and methods include Narrative, Solution-focused, Expressive Arts, Somatic, and Psychodynamic therapies. Together, we will collaborate on the most appropriate and helpful approach for you. I invite you to reach out today.