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Hi, I'm Jen, a licensed psychotherapist with a background in the expressive arts. Whether you are seeking therapy for yourself, your relationship, or your family, I provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your feelings and work through challenges. With over a decade of experience, I use a person-centered approach, tailoring my therapeutic methods to best suit your needs. Sessions can be done in-person or online, whichever is most convenient and comfortable for you.

In practice, I'm not just a silent observer in the room, I take an active role in providing feedback and building connection with my clients. I seem to be a fit for many first-timers in therapy. Growing up moving around the southern states, I was the constant new kid due to having a parent in the military. I made SF my permanent home in 2005, after New Orleans, where I attended college and finished my undergraduate degree in English Literature, which in my opinion was an education in history, linguistics, psychology, politics and sociology. I went back into the arts and psychological inquiry at the California Institute of Integral Studies for a Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Expressive Arts Therapy in 2010. And so here we are. In my spare time, I can be found walking the trails in Golden Gate Park, the beach, or enjoying a sweet treat at a local cafe or bakery. 

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