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In-Person and Online Throughout California

Family Therapy

Are you wanting to open up dialogue with other members of your family on topics that have been off limits?


Are you ready to address negative patterns that keep people disconnected from each other and develop an evolved family system that best addresses members' needs today?


Unlock old patterns and bring consciousness to establish better relationships.

How it works:


 I meet with each individual to get to know their perspective on the issues at play, as well as their own individual histories that help weave the overall family story together. 


We come together to share our goals that will be the compass for the process of therapy together. 


Together we notice maladaptive patterns with compassion. I supportively challenge the status quo of relating in your system to allow for more adaptive responses and ways of being to emerge. This will bring new oxygen to the system and encourage more flexibility and openness to continue to develop within and outside of the therapy room.

Ready to start feeling better?

The right fit in therapy is essential.

 Schedule your free 20-minute video consultation today.

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