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In-Person and Online Throughout California

Individual Therapy

Asking for help can be so hard to do. Sometimes it feels like we're all alone and shouldn't burden others with our struggles. Thankfully spaces exist where you don't have to worry about that, like in therapy. Individual therapy is a protected space for you to sort through what you're dealing with without having to worry about judgment, shame or reciprocity. You lead the way, and I will accompany you with the flashlight, illuminating aspects of your experience you may not have noticed or linked before. We will look at the shadows together with compassion and understanding, and uncover the best way forward for you in your life. 

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Grief

  • Identity Issues

  • Life Transitions

  • Relationship Issues

  • Self-Esteem Issues

Areas of Focus
“To be human is to need others, and this is no flaw or weakness.”
-Sue Johnson

How it works:


We'll chat about what's been going on lately in your life and how it's impacting you and your close relationships. We’ll explore how your past experiences have shaped your relationships, career, and significant life events to truly understand the context of your life in the here and now.


With my support, you'll start to uncover the primary emotions lying beneath the surface, rather than just reacting with secondary emotions. Your emotions won't control you like they used to. Instead, they'll become tools for understanding your vulnerabilities, helping you feel more resilient, confident, comforted, and connected to others.


You're the expert in your life, so you'll decide where we go. Following your lead, I will help you to be accountable to your goals and work with you to implement and maintain better habits, softer or stronger boundaries in relationships, and challenge you to grow. 

Take your first step today.

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