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Let's work together.

Are you a new therapist considering starting private practice?
Are you looking for a supervisor as you earn your hours?

I’m verified for supervision and have over 10 years of experience to share and guide your practice with.
Do you have an idea? A tough case? Let's collaborate.

Many minds are better than one. I'm interested in learning about your ideas, projects, and cases. I can also share my experience, education and connections in service of your work and passion. 

Your contributions as a therapist are invaluable, altering the course of individuals' lives in profound ways.


Are you pondering private practice and want to consult on how to get started and set up the right way for you from the start? I provide business coaching for therapists ready to build the professional life of their dreams in private practice. Allow me to help guide you through what I've learned in my journey from grad school through licensure to a thriving private practice. Please reach out to inquire about rates and assistance. 

Reach out today.
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